Bookmaker sports odds that the number has been used the most is soccer. Beginners do not know how to bet, so it is recommended that you understand the basic odds and bet. Check out our recommended bookmakers .

 Full-time result

Casino, Gambling, Poker, Bet, GameSoccer games have 45 minutes in the first half, 45 minutes in the second half, and loss time in the first half and the second half (about 5 minutes). It is common to bet in anticipation of the final result of this game. The content predicts which team will win online gambling Malaysia or draw.

 Double chance

If the expected range is divided into two items and one of them hits, it will be predictive. For example, ① Team A wins or draws. ② Team B wins or draws. ③ Team A or Team B wins. Odds are often lower than full-time results due to the high hit rate from the beginning.

 First goal

First, predict which team will get the first goal. We expect the second goal and the third goal in order, and there is also a no-second goal that both teams do not score the second goal after finishing with only one goal.

These numbers will change depending on the number of points scored.

 Match goal

Predict in advance whether the score will be above (over) or below (under) the specified number until the end of the match. If the regulation is 3.5, it is judged that the victory is under 3 points or less and the victory is over 4 points or more.

Casino, Gamble, Poker, Bet, GameAlternative match goal

It is almost the same as the match goal rule, and you can expect over or under depending on whether the number is high or low. There is also the expectation of It is the clothes of a royal road casino dealer. Various ideas have been devised depending on the atmosphere that the casino house aims for, such as making the vest bright red to make it stand out, and making the shirt black to give it a luxurious feel.

Solid color cutter shirt + pants or skirt

Many casinos require all dealers to wear a casino house theme color cutter shirt so that they can be identified at a glance.

Overexposed costume

Depending on the casino, female dealers may expose their skin, such as bunny girl outfits, tight dresses and chokers with bow ties.

Sun visor

Although not seen in modern times, casino dealers in the late 19th and 20th centuries actually wore green, translucent sun visors. This is because it was believed that the green sun visor, with its bright lights in the casino, was easy on the eyes. This theory was not substantiated and was not passed down to the present day.

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